The Linda Sinclair Building


Hills Road Sixth Form College






completed 2016

The Linda Sinclair Building

Following several successful collaborations, Hills Road Sixth Form College (HRSFC) approached rhp to develop a scheme for an extension to provide new classrooms, ICT and performing arts facilities.

The new building sets a positive tone and character for the College on the main Hills Road frontage, defining the edge of the campus and clearly marking the entrance to Purbeck Road.

The performing arts teaching spaces and studios are located on the corner of Hills Road creating a strong urban corner to the campus. Coloured glass in tall windows delivers privacy to neighbouring properties and a dramatic expression of the internal use at night seen from the main approach.

In addition to 10 maths classrooms, the new building provides rehearsal studios, workshops, stores, wardrobe and theatre props facilities, all used in association with the existing theatre. 

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