Kimbolton Prep School


Kimbolton School


2,000 sq m



Kimbolton Prep School

Sometimes a relatively modest building scheme can have a big impact on a school and its users. At Kimbolton Preparatory School a carefully crafted addition has significantly improved both operational efficiency and first impressions.

rhp were appointed to carry out a strategic review of the Prep School’s site and layout following the successful completion of a new science wing for the Senior School and our latest project involved looking at ways to enhance the setting for teaching and learning, whilst also improving on logistics, layout and access. The resulting scheme provides a new building which links upper and lower Prep Schools and creates a more attractive entrance for the whole of the Prep School.

A visitor coming in through the glazed front doors ornamented with the School crest, sees:

• a welcoming reception desk - the previous entrance had just an intercom to an internal office.

• a lively and attractive Learning Resource Centre in the space beyond; and then

• through to the extensive grounds and woodland beyond – a great asset for the School.

In addition, a set of related rooms including additional administrative offices, fully accessible toilets and a new Nurse’s station provide important practical improvements.

As you move through these new spaces, the impression is of engaging education in a great setting.