North Street Quarter, Lewes


Santon Group


6.5 hectares




masterplan approved December 2015

North Street Quarter, Lewes

rhp has been appointed as Master Planner by the Santon Groupto create a sustainable new neighbourhood in Sussex. The neighbourhood, to be known as the North Street Quarter, will form an organic and natural extension to the historic market town of Lewes.

The land is currently occupied by the Phoenix Industrial Estate, and inhabits nearly a quarter of central Lewes. The estate has a prime position within the the South Downs National Park (SDNP), however it slipped into decline following major flooding in 2009.

The entire site will be redeveloped for residential and commercial, and retail use.. Key aspects will include new pedestrian spaces to reconnect the communities living on all sides of the site,  and a riverside walkway with new footbridge. a combination of traffic-calmed shared spaces and high-quality landscaping will combine to create an inclusive and vibrant new eastern gateway into the town.

The development will provide 416 new homes (a mix of private and affordable with 55% for older and younger persons; 45% for families). In addition, there will be over 50 assisted-living flats, a health centre, creative industry and arts spaces (tying in with Lewes’s rich creative heritage), cafés, restaurants, bars and parking for residents and visitors to Lewes.

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