Biotech Science Park




20 hectares park 60,000m² gross building area




Masterplan completed 2009

Biotech Science Park

The ambitious aim for this new campus was to improve performance in R&D by attracting both start-up and established biotech companies to work alongside GSK in a culture of collaboration and open innovation.

The masterplan, created by a multi-disciplinary team led by rhp, has at its heart a sweeping landscape route that connects the new GSK campus with existing facilities and gives it a memorable sense of place. By concentrating shared and social facilities such as cafés, meeting rooms, crèche and fitness facilities along this route, everyday social interactions are encouraged and multiplied, optimising opportunities for scientific conversation, cross-fertilisation and collaboration. Calmer spaces exist for quiet contemplation, confidential discussion or working ‘away from the lab’, as well as more informal social spaces where workers can relax or let off steam.

Now known as Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, the campus (phase 1 of which was completed in 2012) is contributing to a higher output of marketable products and services in the wider wellness sector.

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