Sustainable air conditioning solution at Cambridge studio

One of the spaces we occupy in Cambridge presented us with a tricky conundrum; how to provide fresh air into a space with limited window area and a very low ceiling? – Oh and it gets very hot in summer, what with 20 staff and their computers all working away!

We looked at various combinations of fans and refrigerant based fan coil units, but they all had drawbacks regarding noise and the space required for condenser units and ductwork. We are also conscious that conventional fluorinated refrigerants have a very high global warming potential if they escape.

In the end we hit on a sustainable air conditioning solution that harnesses the energy required to change a material from its solid to its liquid state as a way of providing ultra-low energy cooling. The technique requires use of a so-called Phase Change Material with a very specific melting point. As the material melts it soaks up large quantities of excess heat from the office, it can then be re-solidified once everyone has gone home using cool night time air – no damaging refrigerants and no noisy compressors! The technique is not new but we expect it to become much more popular as environmental concerns become more pressing.

After some research we selected a ‘Coolphase’ system. The photograph shows it in the process of being installed by Monodraught Ltd. The slim-line casing works well with our low ceiling; and the control system adjusts to suit the seasons. It also responds to the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air, which should reduce that drowsy afternoon feeling.

Read more about Sustainability at rhp.

Sustainable air conditioning solution at Cambridge studio
'Coolphase' system will provide a sustainable air conditioning solution