Colette O'Hagan

From Virtual Reality to Built Reality

rhp's design for a clinical research building at Addenbrooke’s Hospital is now under construction. Coordinating the many building services needed in modern healthcare has been one of the chief challenges of this project. To this end rhp's expertise in BIM (Building Information Modelling) has been of huge benefit. We use Revit software to overlay 3D models of the structure, fit-out, services and cladding - creating a virtual reality version of the building that greatly reduces the risk of unexpected problems when work begins on the real thing. 

The building will be clad in pre-cast panels manufactured in Belgium by Decomo. Designed to tolerances of a few millimetres there is no room for error so every panel and fixing bracket has also been modelled.

A similar need for careful pre-construction checking can be found in the basement where incoming water, power, data cabling, oxygen, medical air, nitrogen, pneumatic tubes, dry risers, fuel oil, district heating, lighting and drainage form a complex web within a very limited space.  

The finished product should be ready for occupation by the University of Cambridge at the end of 2016.

Read more about BIM at rhp.

From Virtual Reality to Built Reality
rhp BIM image illustrating how different elements are overlaid for checking.

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