Roman Halter

A question we’re often asked is “what does rhp stand for?” rhp is the short form of R H Partnership; the R H standing for Roman Halter.

Who was Roman Halter?

Born in 1927, Roman was a Polish painter, sculptor, and writer. He was also a survivor of the Holocaust.

For five years he was subjected to the Lodz ghetto and Auschwitz-Birkenau and Stuffhof concentration camps, and was used as slave labour in a factory in Dresden. It was only on the way to the Chełmno extermination camp that he was able to escape, fleeing from a transport cart, hiding with the fire brigade until the SS had passed through.


Roman came to Britain in autumn 1945, where he qualified as an architect, taught architecture, and set up his own architectural practice in London. 
When, in 1974, he decided to cease practice and devote his time and energy to his passion for sculpture and art, two of his former associates set up a new practice and – taking Roman’s initials for continuity – RH Partnership was launched.

Roman was known for his stained-glass windows and cast-filigree Royal Coats of Arms for British Embassies and Crown Courts. In 2006, the Imperial War Museum acquired seven of his paintings.

Roman passed away at the age of 84, survived by his wife Susie, three children, and their grandchildren.

The truth of our past – the history of the Holocaust – must be taught, especially to younger generations, for the sake of concord amongst people and for the building of a better, safer future and world.

– Roman Halter (1927 – 2012)

Roman Halter
Roman Halter

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